Why We Are Different: Physical Therapy

At Keller Professional Group, we work hand in hand with physical therapists that help with the muscle compensation that goes along with TMJ dysfunction.

Almost all patients with compromised jaw joints will have some type of head and neck pain. This could be headaches, facial pain, jaw pain, neck pain, and sometimes even ear pain or ringing. We have two physical therapy rooms located in our office just down the hall from our operatories. Physical therapy is available daily at our office for our patients.

Muscles that support and move the jaw can become compromised with jaw joint problems. Knots or trigger zones form in the muscles. These can be tender to touch and can also cause pain as observed in this slide. Physical therapists help treat the knots and restore a normal painless muscle function.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our office at 314-638-4190 to schedule a consultation today!

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