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When I started seeing you and your staff, you asked me what I wanted from you. I told you I wanted my life back. I suffered from migraines daily, I was either taking pain medication or sitting in the ER because I couldn't take it anymore. I also had some jaw popping. I always felt comfortable and welcome in your office. I love your staff and I'm so very glad I walked through those doors. After two years, I am migraine free and my jaw popping is gone. You kept your word and gave me my life back.


Thank you so much for the great results [with my patient]. I am so delighted that she is doing very well, and is asymptomatic. It is always a joy and a pleasure to work with you because of the excellent work that you do in managing these patients, and particularly in refining their occlusions. I work with many dentists throughout the US, you are the only dentist I have worked with that I have not re-treated a patient.

Larry M. Wolford, DMD

This is a totally different approach than I’ve ever experienced before, and I am believing it is just what I need after all these years. Had I not experienced the TPIs and PT, I might never have gone down this road, because your treatment was the only thing in all my years when I experienced significant improvement in my health.

Thank you, again, for the treatments you provided me in the past, and for your concern in taking the time to revisit my treatment with Dr. Hereford. I am truly grateful for you.


Everything was explained quite well. A great deal of time was given, I didn't feel as though I was being rushed. Everyone was quite personable. It was a pleasant experience. It was the first time I have left a dental office in years feeling I had found a professional and compassionate doctor/team. I left with my mind at ease.


I feel as if I have led two lives: one life before knowing you and your staff, and another life that started with the incredible treatment I received at your office.

The life before knowing you was pretty normal. I had a typical childhood in a family of nine children. I had all the normal childhood illnesses...

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Keller Professional Group is dedicated to providing optimal care by determining the CAUSES of dysfunction, not just treating the effects. Dr. Duane Keller has been instrumental in developing new avenues of treatment for non-surgical upper quadrant dysfunction and periodontal treatment.

We have developed TMJ Orthodontics to change orthodontic corrections to stable joint relationships and we have developed the Perio Protect Method™ to treat the cause of periodontal disease so patients no longer have to suffer the effects of this infection. Dr. Keller teaches these techniques to other doctors worldwide so all patients can attain better results. Our staff is trained to help you attain the best health possible and assist you in maintaining this for your lifetime.

Successful recognition and interception can help prevent further degenerative changes and tissue damage. It is our personal and professional goal to assist our patients in any means possible to obtain optimal health, healing and recovery using the treatment methods which have proven most effective and proficient and that optimize long term stability at reasonable costs.


We are committed to providing excellent patient care while maintaining services that are above the standard of care.



The bite is important to help maintain the relationship between the upper and lower jaw, facilitates jaw joint function, and helps control head-neck balance. Conventional orthodontics and other treatments can sometimes cause the jaw position to compromise or damage vital tissue. TMJ Orthodontics works to reverse these issues.

Perio Protect


More than 80% of U.S. adults over 35 have some form of gum disease (or periodontal disease). Most who have the beginning stage of this disease don’t even know it. Perio Protect is a non-invasive treatment. Our patented, prescription trays allow medicine to reach bacteria that brushing and flossing cannot touch.

Dental Services


General dental care is necessary to maintain your oral health and we offer the latest and most modern practices. We provide every aspect of general dental care and we ensure that your dental care supports the normal jaw function. Our staff is specifically trained to provide comprehensive, compassionate care for all members of your family.