Freedom From Pain

How chronic pain affects the lives of people with temporomandibular joint problems and what it feels like to recover.

Conversation About TMJ

Some very useful information about TMJ treatment and recovery, including a wide range of topics such as the patient’s first consultation and how treatment begins.

Splints Explained

Amy shows how splints work and how they are used to maintain bite position.

Normal TMJ Anatomy

An example of normal temporomandibular joint function.

Anterior Disk Displacement with Reduction

An example of a damaged and displaced disc in the temporomandibular joint, resulting in joint clicking and other painful symptoms.

Keller Professional Group TMJ Testimonial 1

Our TMJ patient discusses her migraines and the beneficial results of her treatment.

Keller Professional Group TMJ Testimonial 2

Our TMJ patient discovers her wide-range of symptoms are caused by a dislocated jaw.

Keller Professional Group TMJ Testimonial 3

Our TMJ patient discusses what role orthodontics played in her TMJ suffering.

Trista’s TMJ Testimonial

In this 6 minute discussion, Trista describes her long journey through orthodontics, her TMJ symptoms, and her successful treatment, including her own recommendations for sufferers of TMJ problems.