Introduction and Anatomy

Dr. Keller gives an overview of how the temporomandibular joint normally functions and how it functions when it is displaced.

How to Know if I Have a Problem

Learn how to recognize healthy and unhealthy TMJ function.

Why Does My Jaw Make My Muscles Sore?

Dr. Keller describes how the TMJ joint affects the muscles in the head, neck, and face.

What If I Don’t Treat It?

Patients often ask what happens if they don’t treat their TMJ problems.

How to Treat a TMJ Problem

Treatment goals and strategies for healing the temporomandibular joint.

Treatment Plan Description

The different phases of TMJ treatment.


Dr. Keller describes how splints work to return the jaw joint to its normal function.

Physical Therapy

Dr. Keller talks about the physical therapy at Keller Professional Group.

How Long Will Treatment Last?

How long it typically takes to treat a TMJ problem and keep it healthy.

Severe Cases, Ligaments, and Anchors

Dr. Keller discusses the alternative methods of treatment in severe cases.

Severe Cases: Surgery

Sometimes patients with severe damage in the joint require surgery.

Why Keller Professional Group

Dr. Keller discusses his personal TMJ problems and the over 40 years he’s spent treating TMJ patients.