Dr. Keller,

When I started seeing you and your staff, you asked me what I wanted from you. I told you I wanted my life back. I suffered from migraines daily. I was either taking pain medications or sitting in the ER because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I also had some jaw popping. I always felt very comfortable and welcome in your office. I also recall you saying you always knew when I was in the office cause Betty and I were laughing entirely too much. I love your staff and I’m so very glad I walked through those doors. After 2 years, I am migraine free and my jaw popping is gone. I want to say THANK YOU. You kept your word and gave me my life back. I would and have recommended you to many people who have been in the same situation I have been in. I’m still waiting for that satellite office.

Grateful for you all,


Dr. Keller,

Good morning to you! I just wanted to say thank you for being the kind of person and professional that you are. When those days get crazy, think of me and how you gave me my life back as well as countless others. You are definitely part of what I am thankful for again this year and every year to come.

Just wanted to remind you again that you and your staff are truly making a difference! Have a wonderful weekend that is less crazy and more relaxing. You are the best!

Warm regards


Everyone always treats me very well. I have been coming to Dr. Keller for 9 years and have never had a bad experience. I hope to be with you all for many years to come. Thank you


Anne is AMAZING!!! What an incredible asset to your team. She was so personable, professional and excellent at her job!!!


Everyone was great!


Erica did an amazing job explaining everything in great detail and answering all of my questions.


Everything was explained quite well. A great deal of time was given–I didn’t feel as though I was being rushed. Everyone was quite personable. It was quite a pleasant experience. It is the first time I have left a dental office in years feeling I had found a professional and compassionate doctor/team. I left with my mind at ease. Thank you all.


Dear Duane:

Thank you so much for the great results on XXXXX’s treatment. I am so delighted that she is doing very well, and is asymptomatic. It is always a joy and a pleasure to work with you because of the excellent work that you do in managing these patients, and particularly in refining their occlusions. I work with many dentists throughout the US. You are the only dentist I have worked with that I have not re-treated a patient.

Larry M. Wolford
DMD (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon – Dallas, TX)

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