The Perio Protect Story

Dr. Duane Keller describes how Perio Protect started with his mother refusing a second periodontal surgery and demanding that her son find a better way of treating gum disease.

Getting to the Bottom of It with Perio Protect

Dr. Bonelli discusses her results using Perio Protect.

Perio Tray Delivery for Biofilm (Bacteria) Management

Description of the non-invasive Perio Tray by Perio Protect, why this Tray is used for gum disease treatment, how it works, and benefits of its delivery system.

Managing the Periodontal Microenvironment

Biofilm growth is successfully addressed by changing the microenvironment of the periodontal pocket. Dr. Duane Keller explains in this video how the Perio Tray by Perio Protect is used to deliver medication to help treat periodontal disease.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy for Periodontal Disease

Prescription tray delivery of hydrogen peroxide results in oxygen under pressure. Dr. Duane Keller reviews the benefits of this therapy for patients with gum disease.

Why Become a Perio Protect Provider

Dentists discuss their initial experience with Perio Protect, their training, and their real world results.

What is Perio Protect?

Perio Trays by Perio Protect deliver medication where tooth brushes, rinses, and floss cannot reach. With Perio Tray delivery you have better home care between office visits for better results.

Why Offer Perio Protect to Your Patients

Information about the benefits of Perio Protect.

Perio Trays vs. Gum Surgery

Surgery patients discuss their personal experiences with periodontal surgery and Perio Trays by Perio Protect and what they recommend.

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