Controlling Bacteria for Oral Hygiene

Sep, 9 2016

Dr. Keller and Carol discuss her dental problems, including almost having her teeth pulled, and how she recovered from Periodontal (Gum) Disease using Perio Protect.

Preventing Gum Disease

Dec, 18 2015

Sharie and Dr. Keller talk about how to prevent gum disease using the Perio Protect Method.

Dealing with TMJ & Correcting the Bite

Nov, 20 2015

Marissa, Faith, and Dr. Keller discuss a new method for diagnosing and treating TMJ and misaligned bites.

TMJ Jaw, Head, & Neck Pain

Oct, 2 2015

Keller Professional Group Physical Therapist Shawn Everson discusses TMJ treatment strategies with Dr. Keller.

TMJ Form & Function

Sep, 11 2015

Dr. Keller discusses several methods Keller Professional Group uses to treat pain in the head, neck, and jaw.

TMJ Healing & Recovery

Aug, 14 2015

Heather, Keller Professional Group TMJ patient, goes over the process of diagnosing, treating, and recovering from her face, neck, and mouth pain and how it affected her daily life.

TMJ & Ménière’s Disease II

Jul, 17 2015

Amy talks about her recovery from Ménière’s disease by treating her TMJ issues with Keller Professional Group.

Gum Disease & Your Heart

Apr, 3rd 2015

Erica and Dr. Keller discuss how the health of your mouth affects your whole body, especially your heart, and how to maintain healthy gums and prevent gum disease.

TMJ Overview & Treatment Options

Jan, 16th 2015

Dr. Keller gives an overview of TMJ treatment options, including implants, and John describes his TMJ treatment and recovery.

TMJ & Ménière’s Disease

Jun, 13th 2014

Dr. Keller discusses how TMJ can affect your whole head and Amy provides her personal testimony after suffering severe debilitating pain and vertigo.

TMJ & Jaw Pain

May, 30th 2014

Fran, Keller Professional Group patient, provides her first hand experiences with TMJ problems and pain.

TMJ Progression & Pain

Apr, 18th 2014

Don, a Keller Professional Group patient, relates his personal story about dealing with TMJ and how Dr. Keller provided treatment.

TMJ Overview & Recovery

Mar, 14th 2014

Dr. Keller discusses strategies for dealing with TMJ and Lisa describes her problems and recovery.

TMJ & Upper Quadrant Pain

Feb, 21st 2014

TMJ causes and symptoms and how Keller Professional Group treats them.

The Dangers of Gum Disease

Nov, 22nd 2013

Dr. Keller discusses gum disease and how to treat it with the Perio Protect Method.